South West Region Scouts

Explorer Belt Expedition 2009 - Poland

Updated 27th July.

The Regional has 12 members now in Poland for two weeks to take part in an Explorer Belt Expedition.

The group flew from Edinburgh to Krakow on 27th July, returning on 10th August. The first couple of days are spent in Krakow and then they will start their Expedition - to cover 100 miles , and to meet the Polish people and learn about their culture, history and industry. They have 10 minor projects and 1 major project to complete during these 10 days.

At the end of the Expedition they will be staying at a Scout Camp Site at Wapienica where they will decorate a 'Scottish' Room. They will also be visiting Auschwitz before returning home.

Above, 11 of the 12 Regional members who will be going to Poland - 1 from Ayrshire East (missing from picture), 6 from Galloway and 5 from Kyle and Carrick Districts.

The Galloway team, taken as they waiting to check in at the airport

and the three Explorers and 2 Networkers from Kyle and Carrick and the Networker from Ayrshire East.