Kyle and Carrick District

Kyle and Carrick Scout District covers some 422 square miles from Ballantrae & Loch Ryan in the south to Troon & Loans in the north. The District includes the towns of Ayr, Prestwick, Troon, Maybole and Girvan, together with an extensive rural area containing many small, often remote villages. It is an attractive area, with a mix of agricultural land, woodlands and forests, and a long coastline, complementing its centres of population. It is steeped in history and culture, together with a wide range of leisure and sporting facilities.

To contact Kyle and Carrick District Scouts please email The District Commissioner

District Adult Recruitment Campaign Launches on Wednesday 3rd March 2016

The District is launching a major recruitment Campaign for Adults this week. We are looking for a Assistant District Commissioners for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, an Assistant District Commissioner Adult Training and a District Explorer Scout Commissioner. There is also a need for adults to help within Groups - a range of roles are required - leaders, assistant leaders, helpers and instructors with specific skills. Also need are people to be on Group committees - generally parents - to help with fund raising for the Group and general help with the management.

But adults thinking about becoming volunteers should not worry if they have never been involved with Scouting - there is an excellent training programme for leaders, which can be completed in a number of ways.

If you are you are interested in helping in the District or with a Scout Group, please contact our Regional Communication Manager by email.

District Activities District Scout Groups

District Activities


Jamboree on the Trail - May 2015

Over 100 Beavers and Cubs joined in the Districts Jamboree on the Trail event whcih involved a walk along Ayr Shore Front to the River Doon and on to Bellisle Park, where the local authority had recently opened a new fun park area. After an hour or so in the fun park, an ice cream, some games in front of Bellisle House and a walk back along the shore front to the car park where parents were waiting.
Full selection of pictures can be found on this link

District Beaver Commonwealth Games - Culzean - May 2014

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow later in the year, the Beaver Scouts in the District held their version of the Games which was a great success.

Full selection of pictures can be found on this link

District Challenge Hike for Scouts and Explorers

On a rather wet November day in 2012, Scout and Explorers set out on a Challenge hike from Stair Inn to walk along the River Ayr, passed Annbank and Auchincruive to the Centre of Ayr.
Full selection of pictures can be found on this link

Cub Scouts - 5-a-side Foorball Tournament

Some 80 Cub Scouts from across the Distict took part in the annual tournament which was held at Mossblown Community Centre. It was a great turnout this year which was won by the 28th Ayrshire (Troon) Cubs, with the 69th (Tarbolton) as runners up.

Full selection of pictures can be found on this link

The Girvan Group make TV news.

If you go down to the beach today, youíll find it a lot cleaner than last week. From their base at Stair Park, Girvanís Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, supported by families and friends, removed 26 bags of rubbish during their Beach Clean on 7 April.

Having registered with the National Spring Clean, run by Keep Scotland Tidy, the Scout Groupís activity attracted a lot of attention. By the time you read this, you might have seen them on the telly Ė if all went to plan, screening was set for Mondayís edition of STVís programme, ďThe HourĒ.

The Group was joined by Adam Ingram, MSP, who was invited to attend after a leader read his article on the National Spring Clean in the Gazette a few weeks back. Adam willingly rolled up his sleeves and filled 2 big rubbish bags alongside the youngsters.

The party of 18 children and 9 adults made a colourful scene on a beautiful spring day Ė yes, thankfully, the day after the rain and gales. The children enjoyed wearing their bright yellow safety tabards, supplied by Keep Scotland Tidy, and soon learned the knack of lifting things with the long-handled litter-picking sticks, kindly lent by South Ayrshire Councilís Neighbourhood Services. The Councilís bright red rubbish bags certainly filled up quickly.


What did they find? Lots of food packaging, bags and plastic bottles, which would be there for a long time as they donít degrade naturally. There was a frightening amount of glass, most already broken with seriously sharp edges. The biggest item was a car wheel, complete with tyre. Clearly, the children were removing adult rubbish.

Why did they do it? The Scout Group wanted to put something back into the local community by doing this act of public service. Girvan residents and businesses have supported the Group well, especially in recent months when their funds had become depleted and urgent safety work was needed on their hall. The Beach Clean was a way of saying ďthank youĒ to the town, as well as asking people to be more careful with their rubbish. The Scout Group also raised some cash through sponsorship and public donations made on the day. The final total could reach £300. The Group plans to use some of this money, which was raised by its young members, to establish a Support Fund. In these difficult economic times, parents can find it hard to pay for uniforms and weekly subs, as well as fees for other activities such as camps and expeditions. The Group wants to see that none of its young members miss a Scouting opportunity because of the cost. Again, the Group would like to express its thanks to everyone who contributed to the fundraising.

Itís very easy nowadays for the older generation to criticise young people, sometimes with good reason. However, everyone at the Beach Clean was impressed by the hard work put in so willingly by the youngsters. Itís rewarding for the leaders to see this happening, and everyone hopes that the experience was equally rewarding for all of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who took part.

Cub Hike - Sept 09

Straiton was a busy place on Sunday 13 September, when 60 Cub Scouts, 17 Leaders and an impressive 33 parents came to walk the Straiton Paths. They came from all over the Scout Association's Kyle & Carrick District, from Packs at Symington, Loans, Tarbolton, Alloway, Ayr St Columba, Maybole, Dailly and Ballantrae.

From their base in the McCandlish Hall, some groups of Cubs and adults set out for the Monument on Craigengower. The Cubs reached the top quite easily, proving to be fitter than most of their parents. They enjoyed excellent views in the fine weather and were able to pick out the main local landmarks. They then continued to walk the full Monument & Bennan Circuit, with some groups also reaching the viewpoint at the top of Bennan Hill.

Other groups chose the Hill Wood Path, which climbs up the valley to the north of Straiton into the Sclenteuch Moor Plantation. With recent clear-felling, the spectacular views along this walk have been re-opened. One part of the track was still quite wet after our poor August weather - but what's a little mud to a healthy Cub Scout?

As well as having an enjoyable day, the Cubs learned a few useful skills which will help to keep their hiking safe. In keeping with the Association's motto, "Be Prepared", they learned how to reduce the risk of accidents and what to do if something did happen. They were asked in their pre-event briefing session how they would tell the First Aid Post where to find them if something happened. Most were going to rely on the traditional method of always knowing where they were on the map. However, one very up-to-date Cub said that he'd take a photograph on his mobile phone and send it back to base. We certainly live in changing times!

The Cubs all followed the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which shows public rights and responsibilities during outdoor activities.

The event helped the Cubs to achieve their "Hikes Away" Activity Badge. The first-timers obtained their Stage1 badge, and more experienced Cubs gained credit towards the next stage. They will all also receive an attractive events badge in due course.

In the Cubs' own words:

The organisers would like to thank all Leaders, parents and volunteers who helped to make the day such a great success. We'd also like to thank the local community of Straiton for making us feel so welcome.

Cub Scouting, nowadays for girls as well as boys, is healthy and active in Kyle & Carrick.

pictures shortly

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Beaver Homecoming and Highland Games - Sept 09

Kyle & Carrick Beaver Scouts celebrated the Year of the Homecoming by holding a Highland Games at the Scout Association's Culzean campsite on 12 September.

Helped by fine weather, after such a dreich end to the summer, the boys and girls enjoyed a range of activities combining challenge, adventure and sheer enjoyment.

Among other things, the Beavers tossed cabers, made and ate Saltire biscuits, threw wellies, hooked salmon, made wee Braveheart Bugs, danced to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and hunted for that most elusive Scottish creature, the haggis. The Saltire and the Lion Rampant flew for the day and the final Clan Gathering was held to the sound of the bagpipes.

The organisers would like to thank all Leaders, parents and volunteers who helped to make the day such a great success.

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Scout Archery Day

The district held a second Archery Day at Dundonald this year, and again a great response and a fantastic day - apart from the sub-burn that some experienced. The day ended in a short competition between the 60 participants.


Cub 5-a-side Football

11 teams took part in the 2009 5-a-side Football compeition at Tarbolton on Saturday 7th March.

The runners up for this year event were Tarbolton (69th Ayrshire) with the winners being the 28th (Troon).


District Scout Archery Day

Dundonald was the venue for the first District Archery day for Scouts and a fantastic day was had by the 80 Scouts that turned up for the activity. Along with around 20 leaders, the younsters had two sessions morning and afternoon on the 8 targets that were available. The weather was kind the them and all had a great day. Click on the pictures to go to the picture gallery and view the rest of the pictures.


Cub Scout Day Hike

After a great Saturday, the weather turned for the District Cub Scout Hike when the cubs from Ballantrae add Dailly set off on the Lindsayston Walk with overcast skies and shortly afterwards it started raining. Not disheartened, the youngters accompanied by leaders walked on stop for a bite to eat under the trees where it was reasonable dry before complete the 4.5 Km walk back to Dailly Scout Hall where they were presented with Certificates for completing the walk. Click on the pictures to go to the picture gallery and view the rest of the pictures.


PL Training Week-end May 2008

The District held a very successful training week-end during May with 25 youngsters from various Groups in the District in attendance. Pirching of Patrol tents, camp gadgets, knife and axe and pioneering were all covered as well as some leisure activities.

Further Pictures of the weekend are PL Training Weekend

Scout Cooking Competition 2008

A good turnout to this years event, held at Tarbolton and sponsored by Ayr College. Third in the event were the 12th Ayrshire (Prestwick Kingcase), second the 48th Ayrshire (Dundonald) 'A' team and the winners the 100th Ayrshire (Alloway) team.


Further pictures of the day can be found on the District Cooking Competition 2008.

District Scout Groups

The District has 16 Scout Groups and seven Explorer Scout Units operating currently. The District also has a B.P. Scout Guild section.

Below is a list of the Groups/Units in the District and where they operate.

You may click on a specific Group, or page through them at your leisure.

2nd Ayrshire (Ballantrae) 3rd Ayrshire (Girvan) 7th Ayrshire (Maybole) 12th Ayrshire (Prestwick Kingcase)
14th Ayrshire (1st Prestwick) 18th Ayrshire (Ayr St Columba) 28th Ayrshire (Troon) 31st Ayrshire (Loans)
43rd Ayrshire (Ayr Kincaidston) 48th Ayrshire (Dundonald) 66th Ayrshire (Symington) 69th Ayrshire (Tarbolton)
77th Ayrshire (Dailly) 100th Ayrshire (Alloway) District Explorer Scouts
  Scout Active Support B.P. Guild (Troon)  

For further information on the District, please E-Mail Bob McIntyre

2nd Ayrshire

The Group operates in Ballantrae and has Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

Ballantrae is the most southern point of the District and indeed the Area

3rd Ayrshire

The 3rd operates in Girvan and has Beaver Scouts, Cub scouts and Scouts.

7th Ayrshire

This Group operates in Maybole and has Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and a Scouts.

12th Ayrshire

The Group operate at the south end of Prestwick and have Beaver Scouts, Cubs Scouts and Scouts.

14th Ayrshire

The 14th operate at the north end of Prestwick and have Cubs and Scouts.

18th Ayrshire

This Group operate in the centre of Ayr and have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

28th Ayrshire

The 28th operate in Troon and have Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout sections.

The Group recently held a Presentation Evening at Dundonald Castle to invest a number of Explorer Scouts and present Explorers with Awards as well as a number of Leaders with service Awards and Leader Warrants.

31st Ayrshire

Based in Loans, this Group run Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

43rd Ayrshire

The 43rd operate from Kincaidston, in Ayr and have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

48th Ayrshire

The 48th operate from Dundonald and have Beavers,Cubs and Scouts operating.

66th Ayrshire

The 66th are based in Symington and have Beavers and Cubs running in the village.

69th Ayrshire

Tarbolton is the home of this Group and they operate Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

77th Ayrshire

Based in Dailly, this Group runs Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

The Grouip held a BBQ for members and parents/friends to thank them for their help over the year.


100th Ayrshire

The 100th Ayrshire operate from Alloway, the birth Place of Robert Burns. They run Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

District Explorer Scout Units

The District currently has 4 active Explorer Scout Units located in Alloway, Loans, Prestwick, and Troon

Scout Active Support Unit

The District will shortly form a Scout Activie Support Unit - watch this space.

B.P. Scout Guild, Troon

The only B.P. Scout Guild in Ayrshire, they meet once a month in Troon Old Parish Church Hall and have some very interesting sessions. For more information visit their page.

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